PDF Pricing

As cities and counties continue to move further away from physical copies of municipal codes, Code Publishing Company still provides printable versions of each code to its customers. While many customers choose not to have copies printed through CPC, they are provided with PDF files of the current full code, along with corresponding individual supplements. This saves both the customer and CPC a lot of time, as it allows customers to do in-house printing at their discretion.

It also saves customers money, because Code Publishing provides PDF files for free. This isn’t the case with some of our competitors, who may charge $150 or more – to their own customers – for the same service. The high fees are a result of competitors offering low cost editorial services. The low cost is offset by the PDF file pricing, which is passed along to non-jurisdiction subscribers who order print copies of full codes and updates.

Code Publishing has never employed this sales method, and has managed to remain competitive in the industry. Considering online codes are the new norm, paying high fees for PDF files – no matter the reason – is becoming increasingly unnecessary. Also, remember our previous post about how to obtain a copy of an old version of a code? Code Publishing also provides PDF files of those full codes, as well as individual supplements, to customers free of charge.

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