Meet Our: Codification Consultant

Brooke Hanford
Codification Consultant
1995 – present

What are your hobbies?
Backpacking/hiking, skiing, drawing, singing, piano, puzzles

What is your favorite book?|
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Anonymous

What is your favorite color?
Pink or purple, depending on my mood 😉

What makes you weird?
I play Scorpion Solitaire on my iPhone to procrastinate

As Codification Consultant, Brooke communicates with customers and potential customers over the phone, by email and in person, helping them choose the best services for their needs. She also does web demos and attends municipal clerk/recorder conferences, where she talks to clients in person.

Brooke has performed every function at Code Publishing with the exception of accounting. She started with CPC in 1995, as the third employee, in Margaret’s kitchen! She’s gone through two moves with the company, hired employees, created the first project tracking database and the first web site. This extensive experience helps her answer any customer’s question, and explain our services in depth. The things she most enjoys about her job are developing friendships with customers, being their advocate, and bringing the customers’ perspective to web development and other projects.

Brooke is a Washington State native, born and raised in Tacoma, and a second-generation Husky (as in University of Washington). Woof! She studied English and Music, with a Bachelor’s degree in the former, and close to one in the latter. She enjoys singing in her church choir and playing the piano. She also likes to read, do puzzles (both jigsaw and crossword), hike, ski, and spend time with friends.

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