Meet Our: Production Manager

Steven Jones
Production Manager
1996 – present

What are your hobbies?
Comic book collecting, playing tournament Scrabble, baseball card collecting, weightlifting, and vegetable gardening.

What is your favorite book?
The Gold Bug Variations by Richard Powers

What is your favorite color?
Green. No, Blue. auuuuuuuugh

What makes you weird?
I am neither left-handed or right-handed, but I am not ambidextrous. It’s more of a mixed-handedness, cross-dominance sort of thing depending on the activity.

Steven oversees the production process for all new codes and code updates, organizing and assigning projects, working with editorial staff and providing quality control while also actively editing and updating codes. He has two decades of experience in all aspects of codification. He is your main point of contact for all things related to your code and ordinances, and your resource for codification advice and procedures.

He was born in Nacogdoches, Texas, and stayed in Texas through his college years (he has a B.A. in English and Medieval Studies from Rice University), and moved to Seattle in 1995. He tries to stay in shape by playing basketball regularly with the other dads from his children’s school, and enjoys playing softball during Seattle’s non-rainy season. He enjoys baseball, puzzles, and spending time with his family (wife, two children, and two cats: Jo Jo, the cat that pretends to be a dog; and Vader, the nicest evil black cat you have ever met).

Other interesting tidbits: He has played tournament Scrabble at the national level. Also, he is a National Merit Scholar and an Eagle Scout.

Meet Our: President

Margaret Bustion, President of Code Publishing Company

BA, University of Washington
MBA, Seattle University

What are your hobbies?
Backpacking and hiking, swimming, and playing the piano

What is your favorite book?
Emma by Jane Austen

What is your favorite color?

Our founder and president, Margaret Bustion, got her start as a Managing Editor with Book Publishing Company in Seattle. After 10 years, she felt the company was not harnessing the power of the emerging computer industry fast enough. Margaret wanted to start a family too, so she left Book Publishing, got her MBA while raising her two sons, and founded her own company in 1989. She was the first in the codification industry to offer a digital version of the code to her customers, by way of a desktop database called Folio Views Infobase.

As many visionary leaders do, Margaret started the company in her basement. Soon, she had four employees and decided it was time to get a real office. Since then, she has grown the company slowly but surely to become a national contender in the codification industry. She still wants to be on the cutting edge of technology both for web-based codes and for in-house production processes, so a year ago she instituted a major technology overhaul. This huge undertaking is nearing completion, with the new web platform launching in Q1 2017 as the crowning jewel. She still likes to keep tabs on her customers and will answer the phone at any given time to help out.