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Scope Searching

Search one or more titles or documents. 
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Compare and Archival: Side-by-Side

Previous or current sections.
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Compare and Archival: Redlined

Using markup (redlining) of changes.
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Hover over section cites to display pop-up text previews.
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Zoning Definitions

Pop-up box displays defined terms. Preferred by planners. 
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Add a “sticky note” to any code section and share with others.



Link the ordinances listed in the ordinance table or history note to the original ordinance (usually a PDF file).
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Pending Updates

Highlight the sections affected by ordinances pending codification with a blue tag in the table of contents and the code. Alerts are hyperlinked to PDF files of new ordinances which are removed after codification. No searching for ordinances in a “Pending Ordinances” folder. View the site »

Recent Updates

Highlight the sections containing recently codified ordinances with a green alert in the table of contents and the code. Alerts are removed when the next supplement is printed. Pairs well with online on-demand updating.
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