Electronic Formats

CPC supports the largest variety of electronic formats for searching, extracting, and printing code text: HTML, XML, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, RTF, PDF, Folio Views, or ASCII formats. Customized online formats feature a collapsible table of contents and comprehensive hypertext links. A powerful search engine provides for simple or Boolean searching. Please see our online features and options.

Online On-Demand

With online on-demand (OLOD) service, CPC posts Internet code supplements on demand as new ordinances are forwarded, reducing the dependence on paper copies and ensuring the online code is always current. This service is particularly useful when ordinances are passed infrequently. It is available for no extra charge beyond the normal supplement rates.

Printing, Production & Scanning

CPC uses digital press technology for all production printing. Upon request, CPC provides camera-ready copies or print image files in Portable Document Format (PDF). CPC's print on-demand (POD) service means reprints and copies are delivered quickly, in any quantity. Electronic scanning provides CPC with quick access to ordinances and codes not in electronic format, as well as sharp images of drawings and graphics.

Subscription Service & Archiving

Copies of the code can be sent directly to outside subscribers at no charge to the municipality. CPC retains older versions of the code for research and archival purposes. These can be provided to the municipality upon request.

Binders & Tab Dividers

Binders and tab dividers are optional, and costs are separated to accommodate each municipality.