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Scope Searching

Search one or more titles or documents. View the site »

Compare and Archival: Side-by-Side

Previous or current sections.
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Compare and Archival: Redlined

Using markup (redlining) of changes.
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Hover over section cites to display pop-up text previews.
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Zoning Definitions

Pop-up box displays defined terms. Preferred by planners. 
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Add a “sticky note” to any code section and share with others.



Link the ordinances listed in the ordinance table or history note to the original ordinance (usually a PDF file).
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Highlight the sections affected by ordinances pending codification with an “Amended” yellow alert in the table of contents and the code. Alerts are hyperlinked to PDF files of new ordinances which are removed after codification. No searching for ordinances in a “Pending Ordinances” folder. View the site »


Highlight the sections containing recently codified ordinances with a “Revised” yellow alert in the table of contents and the code. Alerts are removed when the next supplement is printed. Pairs well with OLOD.
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