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Code Publishing Company’s online code is specifically designed to house codified laws and municipal information in one convenient location. It is flexible to meet the needs of a wide variety of users from municipal staff, to planners, to constituents.

Browsing and Searching Your Code Has Never Been Easier!

We’re the only company that includes all these features as standard:

  • All frameless code, better for ADA compliance
  • Print/Save Selections
  • Fixed scrolling headers
  • Nested subsections display all alphanumerics
  • Links to code and state code cites
  • Advanced Searching, including Boolean and thesaurus, and view all sections with results
  • Expandable table of contents
  • Next and previous page buttons
  • Backtrack to higher levels
  • Resizable text
  • SHARE with email and all popular social media sites

A Feature-Rich Online Code Platform

CPC Online Code Example
Intuitive Navigation
Print, Save, and Share

Add these custom enhancements

  • Versions: Previous or current sections.
    See it in action >
  • Definition Previews Pop-up box displays defined terms. Preferred by planners. 
    See it in action >
  • Recent Updates Highlight the sections containing recently codified ordinances with a green alert in the table of contents and the code. Alerts are removed when the next supplement is printed.
    See it in action >
  • Pending Updates Highlight the sections affected by ordinances pending codification with a blue tag in the table of contents and the code. Alerts are hyperlinked to PDF files of new ordinances which are removed after codification. No searching for ordinances in a “Pending Ordinances” folder. 
    See it in action >

Hosting Other Documents

Code Publishing Company can host many types of municipal documents, using the same user-friendly interface and search engine.

Following are just a few of the possibilities:

  • Municipal Codes (Includes Development Codes)
  • Comprehensive Plans / General Plans
  • Area Plans
  • Ordinances
  • Resolutions
  • Council or Commission Minutes
  • Agendas
  • Policies
  • Engineering Standards
  • Other Municipal Documents

Extra Document Hosting:

As many documents as you want hosted along with or separately from the Municipal Code. Includes the same interface as the code. Online options are separate for each fileset.

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